Mid-Winter Favorites

Today is nearly a week from the actual mid-point of winter (February 3), but after last week’s lengthy post I thought you’d appreciate a shorter, more playful post as much as I would. So, here are a few of the things I’ve been enjoying this winter—hopefully you’ll see something you like or find something new to try.

Books: I’ve hardly read anything this winter—in fact, I finished zero (0) books in December or January—which isn’t surprising consider my mood-reader tendencies and the clustering of holidays. However, I just finished Propaganda by Edward Bernays last week and boy is that little book illuminating. There’s a recent post on my Instagram feed that details more of my thoughts, but I’m considering writing a post to elaborate further…we shall see.  The past month or so I’ve been reading through 1 and 2 Samuel on Sundays and really enjoying revisiting that part of the Old Testament (so many interesting theological discussions). In the near future I plan (hope) to finally read In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park, Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and maybe pick up A Little Beside You or Wait Until Tomorrow by Jenni Sauer in honor of St. Valentine’s Day…again, we shall see. There are a lot of books I want to pick up this year (more on that in my next post two weeks from now).

Movies: I’m no lover of The Great Mouse (Disney) for anti-monopoly reasons, but I watched Encanto a few weeks ago and found it completely charming. Anyone who knows me knows that family sagas are one of my favorite genres across the board, so I enjoyed watching a movie with all the visual spectacle and musicality (in the theatre sense) that explored the complexity of multi-generational relationships. There’s just more interesting drama when most people in a family are alive. In January, I re-watched Confessions of a Shopaholic, and the movie just doesn’t get old for me (it’s the only “rom com” that I genuinely like). What a hoot.

Shows: Most days I don’t end up watching TV shows, so the only ones I have been catching this winter are The Andy Griffith Show and Dateline. What can I say? My television tastes often land in the old man category.

YouTube videos: My YouTube tastes can be divided into about two categories: cooking/food science, or theology/psychology. On the food end of things, I’ve enjoyed Ann Reardon’s latest food hack debunking video, and Emmymade’s cheese soup cheesecake recipe test. Lately I haven’t had the time to watch/listen to the usual theology/psychology channels I like.

Songs: “Palmote” (Slow Meadow), “Que Te Mate El Desierto” (Woodkid), “Interlude” (Abby Gundersen), “Into The Mystery” (NEEDTOBREATHE), “Noah” (The Golden Gate Quartet), “God Almight’s Gonna Cut You Down” (The Golden Gate Quartet), “The Family Madrigal” (Encanto Soundtrack)

Drinks: Earl Grey lattes (hot); licorice spice tea (hot); coffee with a splash of cream (hot or iced); strawberry vanilla Olipop

Foods: chunky tomato and onion soup; biscuits with butter (and sometimes honey); everything bagels; beef roast with roasted vegetables (cauliflower, potatoes, etc.); honey sesame chicken over basmati rice; smoked paprika soup; fresh oranges/clementines or apples; skyr with granola

Moments: pastel blue and purple sunrises over snow-covered fields, the light beginning to make the frost twinkle; the satisfaction after completing a writing session; playing Wordle with my mother; visiting ducks and geese at the park; trying new food; visiting an art exhibit; the noiselessness of the world after snow falls; sporadic warm days that feel like spring

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