Mid-Summer Favorites

Technically, this post should be called “Late Summer Favorites” considering today’s date, but the theme must go on (and I’m holding onto summer for as long as it lasts). Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying these past few months:

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Blog Update

Greetings, travelers—it’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Between computer troubles, life changes (vague, I know), and some spells of creative block, the schedule for this blog has gotten completely off track in the past few months. That’s one reason I’ve decided to officially pause the blog for the month of December, and tentatively resume a more regular (though perhaps adjusted) schedule in 2022.

The other reason for the brief hiatus is because I need time to develop some posts that have been percolating in my mind and spirit for several months—posts that deviate from the usual writing and book topics, but retain the same themes and, hopefully, allow me to show more of my style and thinking than what I’ve shown here.

So fret not! More posts are coming in the near future. Don’t miss me too much this December. 😉

Outlines: The True First Drafts

I love all aspects of writing. That doesn’t mean I always like them (nothing worthwhile is easy), but I’ve found that I truly enjoy each stage of the writing process when I’m in it. The early stages of brainstorming and research and planning bring a rush of excitement, intrigue, and adventure into the unknown; drafting reveals a depth of unforeseen discoveries, the slow and meticulous carving of stone to reveal statue and the satisfying burn of strengthening muscles; and editing clarifies and sharpens, leaving something beautiful once the sting of its blade has dissipated.

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