3 Tips for Writing Short Stories

3 Tips for Writing Short Stories

Anyone who knows me knows that I love writing long novels, so it may be surprising that I also love writing short stories. That wasn’t always the case, however—in my earlier authorial years, I hated trying to condense my ideas into 2,000 words (the usual word limit for projects and contests). I even had a hard time when the word limit was bumped up to 3,000 or 4,000. But, slowly, my love for crafting short stories grew and helped me hone some skills that would have otherwise been forgotten in the sea of tome worldbuilding and plotting. Still, it’s tough to come up with a compelling idea that can be conveyed in only a few thousand words—how do you do it and do it well? There are three tips that have helped me over the years and that I hope will help you, too. Continue reading “3 Tips for Writing Short Stories”

Creative Prompts for Short Stories, Scenes, & More!


Have you ever struggled to come up with inspiration for a short story, drabble, or character development scene, but, after searching on the internet or Pinterest for hours, wound up with nothing but poor dialogue excerpts and elementary school writing exercises? This is usually how the search for writing prompts goes for me. And while I can usually drum up enough inspiration on my own if I have enough time, it’s nice to have a list or stash of prompts to draw from when creative wells run dry. So, today’s post is going to be a couple of lists of creative writing prompts for short stories, character development scenes, poems, and/or whatever other project you may be making.

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